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Leighton Elementary School    Leighton, AL

Strategic Plan

Colbert County Schools Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Strategic Plan for Colbert County Schools (2015-2020)

Goal 1

  • Increase student achievement and foster an atmosphere that holds district employees, parents, and students accountable for student success


    • Meet or exceed projected goal for graduation rate as provided by the state
    • Meet proficiencies for AYP (reading and math) on the AHSGE for 11th grade students
    • The system and each individual school will meet AYP in reading and math in grade span 3-5, grade span 6-8, and the high school span in all subgroups
      • Board members will:
        • Establish policies for the school system
        • Collaborate with the superintendent and the community in the development of the vision of the school system
        • Participate in effective professional development
        • Support the leadership of the superintendent
        • Be held accountable for the performance level of the system
      • Central Office will:
        • Support schools with needed resources
        • Prepare and distribute spreadsheets of most recent data to schools
        • Identify areas of strengths and areas for focus
        • Foster an atmosphere to promote the success of all schools in the district
        • Communicate with principals the areas of focus
        • Communicate test results and share action plans with board members
        • Collaborate with principals to review data management software systems to track test scores of individual systems and seek funds to enable purchase of an effective data management software system
        • Collaborate with principals and teachers to determine professional development needs
        • Be held accountable for the performance level of the system
      • Principals will:
        • Lead data meetings at the school level
        • Facilitate the discussion and interpretation of the data
        • Collaborate with teachers to develop specific action plans based on the data
        • Ensure that teachers are utilizing essential resources (AL course of study, ARMT Item specs, etc.)
        • Provide effective professional development
        • Continually assist teachers to help improve instruction
        • Be held accountable for the performance level of the school
      • Teachers will:
        • Attend and participate in regular data meetings
        • Engage students in authentic learning experiences
        • Continually improve instruction
        • Provide support to ensure that every student achieves their potential
        • Analyze data and identify areas of focus
        • Develop and implement action plans
        • Collaborate with grade levels and/or departments and/or teachers  across the district to determine effective pedagogical methods to increase student achievement
        • Teach critical subject skills based on essential resources (AL course of study, ARMT Item specs, etc.)
        • Assist students to set goals for success
        • Be held accountable for the performance level of students
      • Parents will:
        • Ensure that students are present 95% of the academic year
        • Support teachers and principals to ensure success of the student
        • Establish supportive relationships with the school staff
        • Set clear expectations for good behavior and academic excellence
        • Collaborate with school staff about specific needs
        • Assist children to set goals to ensure success
        • Be held accountable for the performance level of the child
      • Students will:
        • Attend school 95% of the academic year
        • Set goals to ensure success
        • Strive to achieve goals
        • Serve as role models to other peers
        • Follow school guidelines
        • Be held accountable for his or her performance

Goal 2

  • Promote partnerships between the district, parents, students, and stakeholders


    • Update parent-school compacts
    • Develop/Sustain local business partnerships
    • Conduct effective title meetings at elementary level
    • Increase attendance each year at parent orientation
    • Increase attendance each year at parent conferences (change conference times to the evening)
    • Implement strategies to increase parental involvement each year

Goal 3

  • Create a safe work environment


    • Update safety plans
    • Improve the general safety of the campus
    • Document safety drills
    • Communicate unsafe conditions to maintenance

Goal 4

  • Provide supportive learning environments


    • Implement Response to Intervention (RTI) across district
      • District and school RTI training
      • Target support in the areas of reading and math
      • Provide effective instructional methods
    • Recruit/Retain interventionists for the areas of reading and math
    • Provide technology to support learning
      • Utilize software programs
      • Purchase and utilize Student Response Systems
      • Provide effective professional development
      • Utilize technology to analyze data


Most recent revision: September 21, 2010


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